X-rays are a type of irradiation that uses high-energy beams to create an image (of a certain organ or bone) that is captured on photographic film for a doctor to view. I-rays are used in an endless amount of circumstances for a wide variety of reasons. 


Most of our patients are instructed to get a chest x-ray prior to meeting with Dr. Toth, Dr. Privitera, or Dr. Kavanagh. If your appointment is with us at our Newmarket office, your x-ray requisition will be sent to X-Ray Associates, located at 679 Davis Drive, suite 104. Patients who are unable to stand for this x-ray will be required to go to Southlake Hospital and register at the Welcome Centre. 

If your scheduled appointment with us is at one of our travel clinics, please visit our Contact page to view other clinic and x-ray locations