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Kim has been working at York Thoracic Surgery since 2018. She graduated with honours at Seneca College for Medical Administration. Her main focus in the office is prepping the patient’s chart to ensure the doctors have what they need for each patient’s appointment. She also runs clinics (you surely recognize her friendly face if you are a patient at our orillia clinic!!)


Jennifer is the surgical and endoscopy co-ordinator at yts. She takes care of our patients and their families guiding them through scopes and surgeries. She is warm and friendly and connects with people in a way that makes us all proud.


Alison takes great pride in the team, leading them through the day to day. She always goes all out for patient care, managing the new referral intakes and booking myriad tests and procedures with whole hearted efficiency. Alison is a family oriented person who extends her thoughtful attributes to her interactions with all.


Julie is responsible for running some of our clinics (you will see her in Barrie if that’s where you have your appointments!) and managing the incoming information at York thoracic surgery. With over 26K patients, that is a huge task! She is friendly and sweet and dedicated to helping our patients and their families. She also enjoys learning and takes pride in pursuing a constant growth. In her free time she also enjoys playing sports, board games and exploring the great outdoors.


Our longest standing team member, Carol is the sole medical transcriptionist for YTS who when not found in her garden has a passion for two-wheeled motorsports and antique-hunting. She is cool and calm under pressure and has been a positive constant for us all throughout the evolution of yts.