Anesthetic Appointment

Anesthesia is the practice of using drugs (and/or gases) to numb a specific part of the body or create a temporary state of “deep sleep” to take you safely and painlessly through your surgery. Although serious complications are rare, all operations carry with them a possible risk; depending on the severity of the surgery and your overall state of health. Your anesthesiologist will discuss in detail any risks that are specific to you and will take every precaution to protect you during your care

Before your operation, an anesthesiologist will meet with you (in person or virtually) in the pre-operative clinic to discuss your medical history and any questions or concerns you may have regarding the procedure and your stay in the hospital. It is absolutely crucial that you answer all questions completely and honestly, since this is the information your anesthesiologist will be using to establish an appropriate anesthetic treatment.  It is vital that you bring a COMPLETE and UP TO DATE list of all medications  you are taking.

Before the appointment

Some of the information your anesthesiologist will want from you will include reactions you’ve had in the past to drugs or previous anesthetics, prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, street drugs (i.e. marijuana, ecstasy) and even any herbal supplements you may be taking. (This information can also be found in the Anesthesia and You pamphlet from Southlake Regional Health Centre.)


Since all of our surgeries are performed at Southlake Regional Health Centre, our anesthetic appointments are also conducted there or virtually.