Blood Work

Blood tests are suggested for a great many patients for a variety of reasons such as routine testing or pre-operative testing to measure the levels of certain particulates in the blood. In the test centre, a nurse will draw the blood from your arm, which will then be processed in the lab measuring the specific particulates requested by your doctor. The results are usually ready within a couple of days and are sent to your doctor to be discussed at your next visit if necessary.

It is important to make sure your blood work is done at the appropriate time if it is required for certain tests (such as an MRI, or CT) to ensure it doesn’t expire before it’s needed. Please feel free to double check with our office if the date to have it done by has not been specified.

Before the appointment

  • No preparation is required


Any LifeLabs or Dynacare can perform the tests. You can find a LifeLabs in the York Professional Building, located at 679 Davis Dr. in Newmarket, on the first floor room 104.